The Press for the Depressed is a blog authored by Raian (not her real name), a 30-year old, DEPRESSED newbie blogger.

The author aims “The Press for the Depressed” to be the go-to online site for depressed individuals to inspire and help them make it through their struggles. Where best to hear these things than from a person who is experiencing depression first-hand?

This blog will prove that they are indeed NOT ALONE. Trust me. It helps talking to a fellow depressed rather than talking to someone who can only claim that they “know how you feel” but never really “understand how you feel”.

Entries about experiences, suggestions and recommendations are based on the author’s first-hand experiences and from other depressed individuals.
They can share their experiences, ask for advice, learn how to cope and maybe help themselves and their fellow depressed to survive.

Relevant photos and videos will also be posted in the gallery.

This blog is also open for suggestions, advertisements and entries from other people. If you think you have something that we can offer to the depressed community, then feel free to send the author an email @ thepressforthedepressed@gmail.com or simply leave a message on the comment box. =)